MacArthur Moving

"The right way to move!"

Clothes and linens may be kept in drawers; but all other items must be removed. Especially small, fragile, breakable or valuable items.

Money, firearms, jewelry, prescription drugs or any other such items must be carried by the customer.

Make sure all packed boxes are properly packed, closed completely and taped shut (please use more than one piece of tape on the bottoms of boxes for safe measure). Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes and light items in larger boxes.

Try to make sure that there is no clutter in the way when movers arrive.

Flammable items (ie; ammunition, oxygen tanks, gasoline, etc.) cannot be carried on a moving truck.

Drain gasoline from lawn mowers and weed eaters.

Please make sure there is no debris (leaves, dirt, snow, mud, etc.) on driveway or walkways as this will make it difficult to keep movers and equipment from tracking sediment or water into your home.


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